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Techniques a web developer should know

Techniques about web development is very important to grasp or at least simply knowing. Following social development, technology domain never stop its step. So as a eligible developer we must know related new techniques about web design or something else referring to web designing techniques. Last year, 2017, will be another thrilling year for developers who are thriving to make their websites stand out among the clutter. You must have a good grasp on most of the web development techniques and website designing trends from 2017.

Web developers always have to update their expertise and study new things if they want to stay tuned with present coding. Well, today I will show you some good web development techniques. Sincerely expect that you may learn definitely, or as improve and enhance if you have known already before.

CSS3 media queries

With the rise of mobile devices, and on the other hand, of very wide displays, creating a website that looks great in both big and small devices is definitely a challenge for web designers and developers. Happily, the CSS3 specification have a new feature which allow web developers to define styles for a specific display size only. There is the example, only if the client display is smaller than 767px, the code below will show you the result you expect.

html { font-size: 62.5%; }

body { font-size: 1.4rem; } /* =14px */

h1 { font-size: 2.4rem; } /* =24px */

Server-side JavaScript

From the mid-90’s, Java family member, JavaScript has been a very popular client-side language for the most of developers about web. Now, it will become more popular and often used on the sever-side. The code below will tell you how to create a simple Hello World by using Node.JS

var sys = require(“sys”);

sys.puts(“Hello World!”);

IoT is dominating

The phenomenon of the Internet of things is like to have accomplished its goal in the recent years. The incorporation of internet related functions in things like kettles, cat food feeders, heat system sensors, and other things makes it easy to control everyday objects via smartphone applications and other online portals. The increasing popularity of IoT implies that the web developers must learn to design applications that are used to display the data about the devices.

AI determined web creation

Whether you ever heard of AI (artificial intelligence)? A eligible and professional developer, this term will be a one as back and forth. AI development slightly become easy because the availability of the necessary guides and tools. Web developers may apply AI in an innovative manner to create or modify websites. After that, as web designers, we will consider into content, layout, brand, algorithms and color scheme to create a encouraging and prominent website. Make sure that you will use your work to gain max advantages.

Forms, HTML5 way

The HTML5 specification introduces lots of new features regarding one of the most important element of a website: forms. For example, it is now possible to add date pickers, numeric spinners, as well as validating emails using regular expressions patterns. The below code show the most of new forms


<label for=”range-slider”>Slider</label>

<input type=”range” name=”range-slider” id=”range-slider” class=”slider” min=”0″ max=”20″ step=”1″ value=”0″>

<button type=”submit” class=”ui-button ui-widget ui-state-default ui-corner-all ui-button-text-only” role=”button” aria-disabled=”false”>

<span class=”ui-button-text”>Submit form</span>



CSS animations

Most modern browsers are now supporting CSS animations. The following example shows how to make a background color change.

#logo {

margin: 15px 15px 0 15px;

background: red;

float: left;

/* Firefox 4+ */

-moz-animation-name: colour-change;

-moz-animation-timing-function: linear;

-moz-animation-iteration-count: infinite;

-moz-animation-duration: 30s;

/* Webkit */

-webkit-animation-name: colour-change;

-webkit-animation-timing-function: linear;

-webkit-animation-iteration-count: infinite;

-webkit-animation-duration: 30s;


@-moz-keyframes colour-change {

0% {

background: red;


33% {

background: green;


66% {

background: blue;



@-webkit-keyframes colour-change {

0% {

background: red;


33% {

background: green;


66% {

background: blue;



Replacement of static images

The use of motion UI has replaced static images on different websites. No one entertains the idea of 2-dimensional web pages as it’s boring, and—let’s admit—quite out-dated. In the era of animations, videos, and GIFs, motion UI offers an animation queuing strategy and CSS patterns which work with all types of Javascript animation libraries. At the present web developers try to work on high-quality animations and local short videos to liven up the website they have developed.

Developing a new ecommerce website

Some experts forecast that e-commerce will probably surpass $2 trillion in earnings within the upcoming few years – it is the fastest growing and among the most valuable businesses. As soon as it is possible to shop online, easily checkout, then handily have your favourite pair of jeans, a great new view, or possibly a customized computer dispatched straightly to your doorstep, you could believe the procedure isn’t overly intricate. As an electronic marketer, I have helped plenty of brands develop earnings through e-commerce. This got me needing to begin my own e-commerce website, so I could really understand the procedure and what is necessary to launch an internet shop from scratch.

The majority of the first-time e-commerce novices have their priorities issues. At least that is what our expertise is. Invariably they will begin exploring open source shopping carts and moving through countless spin-off informative article on Prestashop v/s Magento v/s Opencart…. Or which cart is the most SEO friendly. This is similar to putting cart before the horse.

One Year SEO for developing E-commerce Website

If you have never begun an e-commerce shop from scratch, then it is not possible to know the time consuming and detailed the procedure is. When buying any e-commerce website, you can’t think of the fact that somebody had to craft articles and independently load each and every item. Not just that, you also need to negotiate with every producer to have the ability to record their products online, before the real record process even starts.

1. Purchase a Domain Name

That is fairly straightforward. You will need a domain name which will certainly identify your own brand. Do not overthink the procedure. Employing a website like GoDaddy, you may buy a domain name for under $10.00.

2. Web Developer

This is a important element in establishing your e-commerce website. If you would like to start your website in a rather brief time period and in a professional manner, be certain that you do your vetting in regards to hiring a programmer. Get references from other e commerce sites the programmer has assembled. Receive a deadline for how long they expect it will take to start the website. Be certain they have a graphic design background so that they can crop images which can align with your website.

3. Prepare all the paperwork you need for a legitimate trade

Register your own small business, get a seller’s License and begin looking into valid business problems. You need to contact a local lawyer to help in the introduction of your company. Although it’s a prepaid cost, it probably will help save significant hassle and expense later on.

4. Select Website hosting Platform

To conserve time and cash, pick a favorite e-commerce platform. I Suggest Shopify, WooCommerce or

BigCommerce. Most programmers are familiar with them, which makes it effortless to incorporate plugins, payment processing, etc. so that you may be developing e-commerce Website.

5. Get Ready for Product Info

Get your spread sheet information prepared with product descriptions, categorization, picture names etc.. Initially this might be awkward but it’s a onetime work. Further updates on information could be directly performed though cart admin port.

6. Photographs

Your website does not stand a chance with no great excellent merchandise photos. Have your product photos of very good quality with white background and of squarish size.

1) At least 2 of photos of each product from different angles.

2) White Background

3) Size typically are around 900*900

4) Image name should be record in the spreadsheet for relative products.

7. Take your website live

The moment you devote to starting your company, take your site live, before record any of your merchandise. Have your programmer made a homepage, an”About Us” page and a page. It does not need to be amazing but using a working website will be helpful for many reasons as below,

1) It will allow you to establish legitimacy when negotiating deals with vendors.

2) When reaching out to colleagues and bloggers, they could realize you have a site and are plausible.

3) It will provide you a location for every one these resources to connect back to your website, and that’s, obviously, crucial for constructing SEO.