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Simply go to our “request a quote” page and fill out the short website size

lượt thích Product Name , Product Description. All the information above are necessary for the suppliers to tương tác you, please fill it carefully. Of course, if you’d rather work by e-mail, fax, or phone, our tương tác page gives you all that information, too. CHEMI FILTER CORPORATION is a leading manufacturer and exporter FILTER PRESS, AUTOMATIC FILTER PRESSES, SEMI AUTOMATIC FILTER PRESSES & FILTER PLATES.The sizes manufactured ranges from 355mm x 355mm to 1500mm x 1500mm. Manufacturer of plants for waste water purification and filtration for mines, aggregates, gravel, sand, stone, ceramic, and glass sectors.

Since the company was founded in 1954 by Karl Lutz and the creation of almost ideal production facilities in Wertheim, this brand has become synonymous with complete systems for the transfer and… Provide the customer with durable equipment, provided by the quality of its design. Charater of Chamber filter press 1.Stable performance 2.High automation 3.Safe and reliable 4.Easy to operate …

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The belt filter press type CNP is a machine with double belt for sludge dewatering by gradual pressing between two permeable belts crossing each other in a “S” way made by rollers with decreasing diameter. High-performance belt filter press for the best dewatering results of municipal and industrial sludge. The Combi-unit BS Combi can thicken and dewater both in one working process.

Through compressing the discs under high pressure, water is controlled through these. Thereby pressure on the pressure is let off until it can be opened. The main area of use for this technology is in water treatment. Here also the so called chamber filter press preforms the drainage of the sewage sludge. The residual material obtained is mostly passed onto a landfill or an incineration plant due to high levels of harmful substances.

The filter press structure is entirely fabricated in Stainless steel which best suits for food applications. This type of mechanism is suitable only for smaller filter presses 470 mm X 470 mm, 610 milimet X 610 milimet, 800 mm X 800 milimet, 1000 mm X 1000 mm with operating pressure upto 4 bar. We make “honesty” as the core of Haijiang culture, and serve clients sincerely with high-quality goods.

Search for high capacities and get a model that can handle a heavy workload without trouble. Many suppliers offer great customer service and technical support to keep a wastewater treatment plant running. Pay for field installation and save the time and effort needed to set the device up.

Met-Chem offers a wide variety of sizes, materials, and weaves for your filter press. As one of the oldest process filters, the filter press with its high level of automation, efficiency and integration capability forms the solid backbone of mechanical solid/liquid separation. Manufacturer of filter presses including pinch frame presses. Features include 2 piece frames & change over time to 30 min. We also carry a wide selection of filter press parts and accessories including elevated platforms, chutes, self-dumping cake hoppers, plate shifters, hydraulic systems, valve manifolds, and more.

Our selection provides the right size filter press for your specific project. Some other reasons why some filter presses need to be mobile is because their jobs are always moving. If different tanks need to be filtered at different times a mobile filter press can be used. A job site also may move, and the mobile filter press needs to move with it. Finally, some job sites only need a filter press for a short period of time and the mobile press can also satisfy this need.

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