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Membranes Switches, also known as Membrane Keypads and Membrane Keyboards

are a hard wearing, cost effective, reliable and flexible solution for switching applications in equipment manufacture. They can be fully customised in size and design to meet your exact application requirements and the graphic layer provides unique branding opportunities. Switches and keypads manufactured by experienced engineers provide a light tactical feel that elevate the user experience with any product.

When AC current is applied to the electrodes, the current causes the phosphor to emit light. EL technology has a definite life cycle, and in a typical application the half life will be about 3000 hours. However, a polydome design doesn’t have any moving pieces or metal domes.Polydomes switchesare also known as polyester dome switch membranes or PET switches.

The business focus of our services is to match companies from all over the world in a data-driven way, i.e. to open up new sales markets via digital channels. Thinking from the customer’s point of view is an inexhaustible source of our progress. We pursue product reforms, and are committed to higher levels of user satisfaction.

membrane keypad

Each company has detailed profile information, locations, phone number, website links, product videos and product information defined. We are the right resource for your information requirement whether its for a manufacturer of silicone rubber keypads, custom membrane keypad, membrane pressure switch. We manufacture and supply the membrane switches, silicone rubber keypads, flexible circuits, touch sensors, graphic overlays, labels, PCB circuits, touch screens and it’s relative products .

Permark’s technical and sales staff can advise on solutions to suit your specific design. EL lighting may be incorporated into membrane switches by a printing process, which allows the designer great flexibility in customizing the design to suit a specific application. Phosphorescent material is printed between two conductive electrodes.

Membrane switches, also known as membrane panels or keypads, are electrical switches with a user interface to control equipment and machines. The top layer is typically the graphical interface, also known as a graphic overlay, which identifies the functions being controlled using icons or text. Product development cycles sometimes require the need for rapid prototyping. Using our cutting-edge printing and fabrication capabilities, Pannam is prepared to meet your demanding delivery requirements. We can deliver rapid prototype graphic overlays and membrane switches as quickly as 10 business days after you approve Pannam Imaging’s design.

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